Sod FAQs

When in the best time to install new sod?
Sod can be installed year round.

Can sod be installed in Winter?
Yes. Winter is a great time as the grass is dormant and likely doesn’t require any watering. However, sod may not be available due to frozen ground or muddy conditions. If your project is during the winter don’t hesitate to give a a call and we can schedule your order around the weather.

How heavy is a roll of sod?
Between 30 and 40 pounds

Is sodding better than seeding?
Yes. Sodding provides instant ground cover and is the best choice for erosion control. It is only optimal to seed a couple times of year in the fall and spring. It can take all season or even several years to get a thick, lush lawn from grass seeds, but sod takes root in only a couple, short weeks.

How long does it take sod to root?
Your new sod should root within 10-14 days of application. This is also when you should mow your new lawn for the first time after laying sod.

How long should you stay off sod?
For the First Two Weeks – Please stay off new sod until after the first mowing. Proper watering of sod is essential for root establishment. The day of installation, enough water should be applied to penetrate the sod and two inches of native soil. Remember, water the sod as you go. Don’t wait until you have installed your whole project to begin your watering as the sod installed first already be in need of water.