Hydroseeding FAQs

What is Hydroseeding?
Hydroseeding is the simple procedure of applying grass seed, fertilizer, hydromulch and water in one liquefied application. Various soil amendments and soil stabilizers may also be used in the mixture depending on the needs of the environment.

Can I hydroseed over my existing lawn?
Hydroseed will do better with good seed to soil contact. If your lawn is thin we recommend de-thatching or core aerating to bring soil to the surface before we hydroseed.

How long does it take after hydroseed is applied before grass will appear? 
Depending on the soil temperature, weather conditions and how much it has been watered, the seed should germinate in about 2 weeks. Visible results may take longer.

Are the materials used in hydroseeding dangerous to my children or my pets? 
No.   Hydroseed is simply a mixture of grass seed, starter fertilizer, water and hydro mulch made from wood fibers that is dyed green with a dye similar to food coloring.

What should I expect to pay for hydroseeding? 
Green Horizons charges on a per tank basis. A tank, or any portion thereof, starts at $1,150.00 which covers between 8K-10K square feet.

Why is the green/blue color gone from my hydroseeded lawn?
The green/blue dye that was present during the initial application will fade and disappear in as few as 1 day in some cases and in other instances it may last for a week. The colorant has no bearing on the quality of the hydroseed or the impression that the hydroseeded lawn has washed away.

I see green/blue stains on my foundation and my walkway after my yard was hydroseeded, will it go away?
Absolutely, the green dye that may have splashed onto your foundation or walkways will usually fade away within a few days and can be hosed off with a garden hose.

How much should I water my hydroseeded lawn?
Initially water is essential to the development of a strong root system in your hydroseeded lawn. Water to keep soil damp, keeping in mind that over-watering can be harmful. A good indicator is if your shoes are slightly muddy after walking on the seeded area. Try not to water to the point that you see standing water. The goal is to have a consistently moist area for the best germination results.

Can I walk on the hydroseed once it is applied?
Only as much as is absolutely necessary.  Heavy traffic on a newly seeded lawn can permanently damage the new grass. Walking on a freshly hydroseeded lawn can leave depressions in the lawn and in some cases cause bare spots to form.

Is Hydroseeding better than sod?
Having your lawn sodded will give you a picture perfect lawn in as little as one day. Hydroseeding may take several weeks to see your lawn fully develop. As to which lawn looks better, aftercare and attention to your investment will ultimately determine what your results are with either choice. Keep in mind that if seeding was fast and easy there would be no need for sod farms.

Do I need to have new soil brought in before I hydroseed my yard?
A soil sample will tell exactly what the health of your soil is and if any amendments are needed. Additional soil is sometimes required if there is not enough existing soil (4-6 inches) or is nutritionally deficient.

What’s the best time of year to have my lawn hydroseeded?
The late Summer into Fall months are the best, with Spring being the second best time to hydroseed.